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18 min. 48 sec.
Film from series «MURZILKA'S ADVENTURES»
It is one of the numerous stories about Russian popular fantastic hero Murzilka. The fantastic giant gets on an exhibition of achievements of a national economy and he is impressed of a modern level of techniques and opportunities of the person.
directed byPetr Nossov
written byAnatoly Sazonov
art directorsL. Model', Vladimir Arbekov
artistsIrina Svetlitsa, G. Nevzorova, Ye. Tannenberg
animatorsFaina Yepifanova, G. Karavaeva, Boris Chani, S. Stepanov, Ivan Davydov, Elizabeth Komova, Lidia Reztsova, Igor Podgorsky, V. Ryabchikov
cameramenYe. Rizo, N. Klimova
musicKaren Khachaturyan
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorArcady Snessarev

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