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53 min. 12 sec.
Film The Bath is put on the motives of the same play of V. Mayakovsky. In the sharp satirical form this film castigates stagnancy, ignorance and bureaucrats and approves a victory of our country, its rapid advancement to the light future - to communism. (The text annotation - 1992)
directed bySergei Yutkevich, Anatoly Karanovich
written byAnatoly Karanovich, Sergei Yutkevich
art directorFelix-Lev Zbarsky
animatorsVyacheslav Kotenochkin, Vladimir Puzanov, Youry Klepatsky, M. Portnaya
cameramenMichael Kamenetsky, Nikolai Grinberg, B. Aretsky
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicRodion Shchedrin
soundBoris Filchikov
script editorBoris Voronov
puppets and decorVladimir Abbakumov, V. Kalashnikova, Roman Gurov, Pavel Lessin, Pavel Gussev, Valery Petrov, S. Etlis, V. Kuranov, Vladimir Alisov, V. Chernikhova, V. Cherkinskaya, Boris Karavaev, Oleg Massainov
voice artistsEkaterina Raikina, Arcady Raikin, Arthur Eizen

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