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20 min. 12 sec.
 The musical on D.Urbans fairy tale on misadventures of the puppy with blue wool. It is an eccentric musical comedy about adventures of the good-natured blue puppy. The film expresses the idea that it is necessary to judge the person on its acts instead of his appearance.
directed byYefim Gamburg
written byYoury Entin
art directorDaniil Mendelevich
artistsI. Zaruba, Ye. Tannenberg, V. Maximovich, Gennady Morozov
animatorsYoury Kuziurin, Natalia Bogomolova, Alexander Mazaev, Sergei Dezhkin, Olga Orlova, Galina Zebrova, Marina Voskaniants, Youry Butyrin, Vitaly Bobrov, Elvira Maslova, Violetta Kolesnikova
cameramanMichael Druyan
executive producerFedor Ivanov
musicGennady Gladkov
soundVictor Babushkin
script editorRaisa Frichinskaya
cutterI. Gerassimova
vocalMichael Boyarsky, Andrey Mironov, Alexander Gradsky, Alice Freindlich

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