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9 min. 52 sec.
 It is a film from the cycle of comic films for adults about problems of human relations. In this film authors concern family conflicts and stand up for truly human mutual relations based on mutual respect to each other.
directed byYefim Gamburg
written byYefim Gamburg, Michael Zhvanetsky, A. Yegides
art directorsIlia Bereznitskas, Igor Makarov
animatorsYoury Meshcheryakov, Yevgenia Bogomolova, Alexander Mazaev, Alexei Bukin, Vladimir Zakharov, I. Bereznitskaya, Vladimir Vyshegorodtsev
cameramanValery Strukov
musicP. Ovsyannikov
soundVladimir Kutuzov
script editorRaisa Frichinskaya
vocalNikolai Karachentsov
words (poems)Youry Entin

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