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9 min. 29 sec.
Film under E. Seton-Thompsons same story. The hero of the film is the small puppy who lives in reserve together with his owner. Curious and unruly Chink often is trapped, colliding with inhabitants of the reserve. Its most malicious enemy is Coyote.
directed byLeonid Kayukov
written byTatiana Paporova, Leonid Kayukov
art directorTatiana Kolusheva
artistsSergei Marakasov, Svetlana Davydova, Z. Monetova, Anna Atamanova
animatorsT. Pomerantseva, Leonid Kayukov, Elena Malashenkova, Galina Zebrova, Joseph Kuroyan, Marina Rogova, V. Kayukov, Vladimir Arbekov
cameramanLudmila Krutovskaya
musicIgor Yefremov
soundSergei Karpov
voice artistVladimir Soshalsky

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