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17 min. 37 sec.
In this film in the comedy form the director of one of dining rooms is described as an idler and a cheater who carries only about his own well-being.
directed byGrigory Lomidze
written byJacob Ziskind
art directorsGrigory Kozlov, Valentina Vassilenko
artistG. Miroshkin
animatorsIrina Mazing, A. Zorin, P. Yakushev, L. Martyanova, V. Zakrzhevsky, V. Kussov, L. Zvyagina, T. Linnik, N. Gzhelsky
cameramanJoseph Golomb
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicEduard Kolmanovsky
soundBoris Filchikov
voice artistsN. Merkulova, V. Bakharev, Leonid Pirogov, A. Sakhnovsky, A. Volgina, Nina Ter-Osipyan, S. Anikeev, Youry Khrzhanovsky, L. Terekhina, Semen Samodur, Maria Mironova
cutterV. Yegorova

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