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19 min. 38 sec.
The film is put on the motives of the Belarus’ folklore. Poor children Yanka and Olesya became orphans and they had nothing but a bast-basket of grains. But a greedy rich man took it away from them because they were indebted to him. The Cock brought three seeds to the children but the Wind carried them away. And the children decided to return their seeds.
directed byOlga Khodataeva, Leonid Aristov
written byJeanna Vitenzon
art directorAlexander Trussov
animatorsGennady Novozhilov, Vadim Dolgikh, Roman Davydov, Vladimir Balashov, Renata Mirenkova, Boris Butakov, Vladimir Krumin, Igor Podgorsky
cameramenA. Astafyev, Elena Petrova
musicAlexander Flyarkovsky
soundNikolai Prilutsky
voice artistsNina Guliaeva, Maria Vinogradova, Alexander Khanov
words (poems)Robert Rozhdestvensky

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