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16 min. 54 sec.
The girl Aishe has a wonderful garden. Malicious Seidi who feels unrequited love towards Aishe agrees with the wind Dry to ruin her garden. But the cloud enamored of Aishe rescues her garden with his life. It is a screen version of Nazim Hikmet’s fairy tale.
III IF of animation films, Annecy (France) 1960 - the Special premium of Jury " For poetry and nationality in art "; II ICF of doll and puppet films, Bucharest 1960 - the Silver medal; VII IF short-length films, Oberhausen (Germany) 1961 - the Diploma.
directed byAnatoly Karanovich, Roman Kachanov
written byNazym Khikmet
art directorVladimir Sobolev
artistValentina Vassilenko
animatorsVladimir Puzanov, Boris Meyerovich, Vyacheslav Shilobreyev
cameramanMichael Kamenetsky
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicAndrey Babaev
soundBoris Filchikov
puppets and decorOleg Massainov, V. Chernikhova, Roman Gurov, G. Lutinsky, Pavel Gussev

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