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10 min. 42 sec.
 "It is a screen version of the comic story of A.Chehov about the cowardly traveler who frightened the coachman with his stories about the imaginary cruelty because actually he himself was afraid of unknown robbers and the same coachman <;br> II IF of doll and puppet films in Bucharest, 1960 - the Diploma; VII IF of short-length films in Oberhausen (Germany), 1961 - the Diploma”
directed byVladimir Degtyarev
written byYevgeny Migunov
art directorsVadim Kurchevsky, Vladimir Danilevich
animatorsM. Mamonov, Lev Zhdanov, Pavel Petrov
cameramanJoseph Golomb
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicEduard Kolmanovsky
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorArcady Snessarev
puppets and decorOleg Massainov, V. Kalashnikova, N. Tselikov, V. Chernikhova, V. Kuranov, O. Plutsinskaya
voice artistsIgor Ilyinsky, Alexander Baranov, V. Solovjov

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