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19 min. 2 sec.
 It is a fairy tale about the girl who lost her way in the wood and she decided to settle in the Bear’s house, she cleaned and cooked for him, but at the same time she managed to outwit him and to return home (under G.Landaus play).
directed byRoman Kachanov
art directorNikolai Serebryakov
animatorsYana Volskaya, Vyacheslav Shilobreyev, Oleg Safronov
cameramanNikolai Grinberg
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicNikolai Budashkin
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorBoris Voronov
puppets and decorVera Cherkinskaya, Gennady Lutinsky, Vladimir Alisov, A. Filasov, O. Plutsinskaya, Pavel Gussev, Galina Gettinger, Oleg Massainov, Roman Gurov, Pavel Lessin, V. Kalashnikova
voice artistsVladimir Ratomsky, Margarita Korabelnikova, Alexandra Panova, Anatoly Papanov
cutterVera Gokke

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