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15 min. 31 sec.
The Film is shot on the motives of a fairy tale of Jomo Keniato, who was the leader of the national-liberation movement of Kenya. It is devoted to the struggle of the Black man against the colonizers for freedom and independence of his country.
directed byLeonid Aristov, Igor Nikolayev
written byIgor Bolgarin, Igor Nikolayev
art directorNathan Lerner
animatorsO. Stolbova, Vladimir Morozov, Valentin Kushnerev, Leonid Nossyrev, Vladimir Karp, Konstantin Chikin, Vladimir Krumin, Galina Barinova
cameramanElena Petrova
musicIvar Arseev
soundBoris Filchikov
puppets and decorDmitry Anpilov
text is read byAlexei Konsovsky, Sergei Tseits

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