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9 min. 31 sec.
The kitten imagined himself a tiger. He attacks on the animals (the Puppy, the Turkey cock, the Kid), but nobody is afraid of him. At last, he manages to frighten the Little mouse. He is proud of it, but mum the cat explains to him, that mice are afraid of cats. The kitten understands that it is better to be himself. For adults. Antichurch. This film is about the cheat-priest who sold tap water saying that it was water from a sacred source.
directed byIvan Ufimtsev, Michael Kamenetsky
written byV. Kapninsky
art directorYu. Zaltsman
artistYu. Zaltsman
animatorsPavel Petrov, Youry Norstein, Vladimir Puzanov, M. Zubova
cameramanMichael Kamenetsky
musicI. Yakushenko
soundBoris Filchikov
puppets and decorMarina Chesnokova, V. Kuranov, Svetlana Znamenskaya, V. Cherkinskaya, Valery Petrov, V. Kim, Pavel Lessin, Pavel Gussev, Boris Karavaev, V. Kalashnikova, Alexander Gorbachev, Vladimir Abbakumov, Galina Gettinger

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