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9 min. 36 sec.
It is a parable about upbringing. The dinosaurs died out because they tried to defend their children too carefully. Little dinosaurs couldnĺt cope with difficulties of life themselves and it destroyed the whole dinosaur kind.
directed byRassa Strautmane
written byArcady Snessarev
art directorBoris Akulinichev
artistDmitry Anpilov
animatorsYoury Kuziurin, Vassily Ryabchikov, B. Petin, Galina Barinova, Antonina Alyoshina, Maria Motruk
cameramanElena Petrova
executive producerA. Zorina
musicVladimir Dashkevich
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorAlexander Timofeyevsky
voice artistsClara Rumyanova, Lev Lubetsky, V. Rozhdestvensky, I. Smirnov
cutterLubov Georgiyeva

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