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9 min. 25 sec.
 For adults. The film is put on Ovsey Driz’s fairy tale. Once an old woman accepted a magic clew and it is possible to knit anything with it. She knitted new clothes and a cozy house. But then she knitted more and more things. And then she wanted to knit a new young face and another life. But magic power of the clew ended and it run away in the field clewing up the thread, unraveling the unjust wealth and the old woman also. Her covetousness spoils her.  
directed byNikolai Serebryakov
art directorAlina Speshneva
artistYe. Umanskaya
animatorsYoury Klepatsky, Joseph Douksha, Vladimir Puzanov, Pavel Petrov
cameramanVladimir Sarukhanov
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicEduard Artemyev
soundBoris Filchikov
script editorNatalia Abramova
puppets and decorV. Kalashnikova, Valery Petrov, Roman Gurov, Svetlana Znamenskaya, Victor Grishin, V. Kuranov, Marina Chesnokova, Liliana Lutinskaya, Pavel Gussev
cutterNadezhda Treshcheva

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