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17 min. 54 sec.
It is a film-lampoon which is put on the motives of the story of L.Lagina “The blond rogue”. This film convicts of modern Nazism in the satirical form.
directed byYefim Gamburg
written byLazar Lagin
art directorsEduard Nazarov, Julo Sooster
artistsA. Demykin, E. Treskin, Svetlana Skrebneva, T. Chervyakova, Gely Arkadyev, Arcady Sher
animatorsGennady Sokolsky, Elvira Maslova, Valery Ugarov, Leonid Nossyrev
cameramanAlexander Zhukovsky
executive producerFedor Ivanov
musicDavid Krivitsky
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorRaisa Frichinskaya
voice artistAlexander Baranov
text is read byJacob Smolensky
text writerArcady Snessarev
cutterI. Gerassimova

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