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16 min. 42 sec.
The film is put on Nekrasovs poem. The bear dressed in the general uniform, leaves on the carriage-and-three, having left the vagrant actor and the coachman in the tavern. The inspector of the road station mistakes the Bear for the general. Everything falls into place when the actor and the coachman catch up with the sledge.
directed byEleonora Tade, Ivan Ufimtsev
written byEleonora Tade
art directorTamara Poletika
animatorsJoseph Douksha, Vladimir Puzanov, Pavel Petrov, Galina Zolotovskaya, Vyacheslav Shilobreyev, Youry Norstein
cameramanAlexander Zhukovsky
musicVictor Kuprevich
soundBoris Filchikov

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