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10 min. 12 sec.
 The Boy and his true dog rescue the girl who has fallen in an ice-hole. For children. The Boy dreams to go to North Pole and to accomplish a deed. He takes with himself Jack, the true friend and went to the station. On the way they rescue the Girl, which was sinking in the ice-hole, but they are late for the train. A heroic deed is possible to accomplish near the house.
directed byVladimir Samsonov
written byVitaly Zlotnikov
art directorRosalia Zelma
artistsDmitry Anpilov, Sofia Mitrofanova
animatorsAlexander Davydov, Natalia Bogomolova, Elvira Maslova, Leonid Nossyrev, Gennady Sokolsky, Renata Mirenkova, Galina Barinova
cameramanBoris Kotov
executive producerLubov Butyrina
musicVladimir Krivtsov, Yevgeny Krylatov
soundVladimir Kutuzov
script editorNatalia Abramova
voice artistsOlga Gromova, Boris Novikov, Vassily Livanov, Ludmila Gnilova
cutterElena Tertychnaya

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