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12 min. 48 sec.
 Black-and-white. On the motives of a well known fairy tale of the German writer V. Gauf. Little Muk was turned out by his malicious stepmother. Muk took service at one old woman, he looked after her cats, but she dismissed him. Muk took away shoes of the mistress as a salary.
directed byOlga Khodataeva
written byV. Butyagina
art directorsPetr Nossov, Olga Khodataeva
animatorsT. Puzyreva, A. Shchekalina, V. Makeyev, Vlad Bochkarev, B. Petin, G. Frolova
cameramanP. Lebedeva
musicG. Lobachev
soundS. Rensky

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