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 About adventures of the Bear cub who was casually got lost and his returning home with the help of friends. The film tells us how the playful bear cub went away from mum, got to the zoo, and then, after some adventures, again returned to the wood.
directed byAlexander Yevmenenko, Petr Nossov, Olga Khodataeva
written byN. Kopyevsky
art directorYe. Yevgan
animatorsGennady Filippov, Nikolai Fedorov, A. Shchekalina, Yu. Popov, Fedor Khitruk, P. Fedorov, L. Popov
cameramanN. Sokolova
musicYoury Nikolsky
soundS. Rensky
voice artistsYe. Mores, Julia Youlskaya

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