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23 min. 42 sec.
The Screen version of the same fairy tale of K.Chukovskogo about malicious robber Barmaley and brave children little Tanechka and little Vanechka. They go to Africa to put an end to evil deeds of Barmaley. With the help of doctor Aibolit they manage to win it.
directed byLeonid Amalrik, Vladimir Polkovnikov
written byKornei Chukovsky
art directorYa. Reitman
artistsElena Tannenberg, Vera Rodgero, K. Malyshev, Nikolai Radlov, Vera Valerianova
animatorsYe. Milioti, Alexander Beliakov, Valentin Lalayants, Lamis Bredis, Faina Yepifanova, Roman Davydov, B. Petin, Yu. Popov, Lidia Reztsova
cameramanMichael Druyan
musicNikita Bogoslovsky
soundS. Rensky

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