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21 min. 54 sec.
 VIII ICF in Venice, 1947 - the Diploma and the Bronze medal for the best animation film. It is an original fairy tale about the courageous girl who abducts red-breasted birdy from the malicious magician and sets it free, and she herself becomes the captive. Her friends help the girl to get out of the ice castle.
directed byMstislav Pashchenko
written byMstislav Pashchenko
art directorsAnatoly Sazonov, Yevgeny Migunov
artistsK. Malyshev, George Pozin, Olga Ghemmerling, Vera Valerianova
animatorsYu. Popov, Faina Yepifanova, O. Syssoeva, Roman Davydov, Elizabeth Kazantseva, Petr Repkin
cameramenNikolai Vohinov, Anatoly Velikokhatko
executive producerN. Tsofnas
musicG. Kreitner
soundS. Rensky
voice artists Ivanova, A. Smirnova, Koltsova, Youry Khrzhanovsky, Julia Youlskaya
cutterLidia Kyaksht

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