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20 min. 3 sec.
 On the motives of the story by Mamin-Sibiryak <;br>IV ICF in Marian Lasnas (Socialistic Republic of Czechoslovakia), 1949 - the Premium for the best animation film for children; II ICF of workers in the cities of Czechoslovakia, 1949 - the Premium for the best childrens film; ICF in Bombay, 1952 - the Prize "the Marble vase". It is a story about grey duckling who stayed for the winter in the North, apart from the ducks that immigrated to South countries. The film tells us about her friendship with the hares and the wood-grouse and her struggle with the fox.
directed byVladimir Polkovnikov, Leonid Amalrik
written byGeorge Berezko
art directorAlexander Trussov
artistsIrina Svetlitsa, Dmitry Anpilov, Galina Nevzorova, K. Malyshev
animatorsLidia Reztsova, Vadim Dolgikh, Boris Meyerovich, Nadezhda Privalova, Roman Davydov, Boris Titov, Faina Yepifanova, Fedor Khitruk, I. Stariuk, Dmitry Belov, Tatiana Taranovich, Boris Stepantsev, Lamis Bredis, Alexander Beliakov, B. Petin
cameramanNikolai Vohinov
musicYoury Nikolsky
soundS. Rensky
voice artistsV. Ivanova, Valentina Telegina, Fedor Kurikhin, V. Popov
cutterA. Firsova

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