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19 min. 24 sec.
The geese feel the spring and they go to their native land. Their highly experienced leader Gumennik has verified summer map and the flock has gone for a long journey. But when feathery travelers had arrived to the place of their destination, they still more cant know again empty and waterless steppe.
directed byVictor Gromov
written byDmitry Tarassov, A. Tarassov
art directorVladimir Degtyarev
artistsIrina Svetlitsa, Dmitry Anpilov, Galina Nevzorova
animatorsFaina Yepifanova, Valentin Lalayants, Lamis Bredis, Lidia Reztsova, Renata Mirenkova, B. Petin, Elizabeth Komova, Tatiana Taranovich
cameramanMichael Druyan
musicN. Makarova
soundBoris Filchikov
voice artistsG. Romanov, George Millyar, Elena Tyapkina, Tatiana Peltser
text is read byBoris Chirkov
cutterV. Yegorova
words (poems)Dmitry Tarassov

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