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20 min. 58 sec.
 VII ICF in Carlovy Vary (Czech Slavic Socialistic Republic), 1952 - the Premium for the best animation film. In the Spring when weather in the north is especially changeable, on the sea the ice broke and small Chukchi man Sarmiko was carried away on an ice floe in the high sea. Snowstorm began. The last hope for rescue disappeared. However the little girl named Lena interferes.
directed byOlga Khodataeva, Yevgeny Raikovsky
written byK. Shneider
art directorPetr Nossov
artistsO. Ghemmerling, G. Nevzorova
animatorsD. Belov, Tatiana Taranovich, Fedor Khitruk, Lidia Reztsova, Vladimir Danilevich, Renata Mirenkova, Michael Botov, Vladimir Arbekov, Youry Prytkov, Roman Davydov
cameramenN. Sokolova, A. Astafyev
musicAlexander Alexandrov
soundGeorge Martynuk
cutterV. Yegorova

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