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20 min. 54 sec.
 It is the first film from a sports series about rivalry of wooden and soft toys. <;br> VII IF of films for children and youth in Venice, 1955 - the First premium for the best film for children; I ICF in Damascus (Syria), 1956 - the Silver medal; the First British film festival in London (Festival of festivals), 1957 - the Diploma; the Film-competition of VI International Festival of youth and students, Moscow 1957 - the Third Bronze medal; ICF in Poland, 1957 - the Honourable diploma. The cheerful sports comedy condemning conceit and aspiration to easy success of some football players. The action of the film takes place in a toy department of Stores, its heroes are the toys. The theme is solved in collision of two toy soccer teams.
directed byMstislav Pashchenko, Boris Dezhkin
written byMstislav Pashchenko
art directorsPetr Repkin, Valentina Vassilenko, Anatoly Savchenko
artistsK. Malyshev, V. Rodgero, Irina Svetlitsa, Petr Korobayev, I. Prokofyeva
animatorsVyacheslav Kotenochkin, M. Kuprach, Nadezhda Privalova, D. Belov, Faina Yepifanova, Vladimir Pekar, Boris Dezhkin, Fedor Khitruk, Boris Stepantsev, Boris Chani, Roman Kachanov
cameramanMichael Druyan
musicKaren Khachaturyan
soundNikolai Prilutsky
voice artistsJulia Youlskaya, Boris Andreyev, V. Ivanova, Margarita Korabelnikova, Youry Khrzhanovsky
cutterLidia Kyaksht
words (poems)Michael Volpin

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