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9 min. 36 sec.
The Film is about the amusing adventures of the Cook and the Cat. The story occurs on the ship where the Cook has just been engaged, but soon he loses it because of the tricks of the Cat who steals products from kitchen and the strict Boatswain who tries to keep the order on kitchen.
directed byVadim Kurchevsky
written byAlexei Studzinsky
art directorLevon Khachatryan
animatorsGalina Zebrova, Victor Likhachev, Youry Meshcheryakov, Dmitry Kulikov, Oleg Safronov, Oleg Komarov
cameramanKabul Rasulov
executive producerNinel Lipnitskaya
soundA. Goldstein, Vladimir Kutuzov
script editorRaisa Frichinskaya

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