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10 min. 6 sec.
The Film is devoted to the struggle against hard drinking. In the author and the director’s field of vision is a typical and widespread case from an ordinary life - a feast on the occasion of Birthday. Heroes of film are present invisible, their actions are expressed through the subjects and sounds.
directed byGarry Bardin
written byGarry Bardin
art directorNikolai Titov
animatorsIrina Sobinova-Kassil, Olga Panokina, Sergei Olifirenko
cameramanSergei Khlebnikov
executive producerGrigory Khmara
soundVladimir Kutuzov
script editorTatiana Paporova
puppets and decorVictor Grishin, Valery Petrov, Nikolai Zaklyakov
voice artistsYe. Vassilyeva, Alexei Borzunov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (the guest) , Natalia Tenyakova, Boris Novikov (the guest) , Marina Neyelova, George Burkov (the guest) , Michael Koltunov, Vyacheslav Nevinny (the guest)
cutterNadezhda Treshcheva

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