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 The film is put on the motives of the Tatar fairy tales. The boy went to the wood to gather firewood. In the wood wood spirit Shurale played with him and frightened him. The outward things became mysterious, fantastic and dangerous. But the boy manages to come back home.
directed byGalina Barinova
written byMarat Akchurin
art directorGalina Petrova
artistsVictoria Makina, D. Goryachenkov, L. Birukova
animatorsJoseph Kuroyan, Dmitry Kulikov, Olga Orlova, Galina Zolotovskaya, Vladimir Vyshegorodtsev, Elena Malashenkova, Violetta Kolesnikova
cameramanMichael Druyan
executive producerLubov Butyrina
soundVladimir Kutuzov
script editorAndrey Vyatkin

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