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9 min. 51 sec.
 The hero of this comedy film is a small naive tadpole. He turns into little frog and gets in the world of adult frogs where all natural and normal is lost. Gradually the little frog loses qualities which the nature had given to him.
directed byElena Fedorova
written byMarina Vishnevetskaya
art directorsElena Fedorova, Arcady Sher
artistsAnna Atamanova, T. Kolossova, Olga Pavlova
animatorsAndrey Ignatenko, Dmitry Novosselov, Alexander Panov, Elvira Maslova, Vladimir Shevchenko
cameramanNatalia Mikhailova
executive producersNina Suchkova, Bella Khodova
musicM. Lobko
soundBoris Filchikov, A. Sologubov, G. Panin
script editorElena Mikhailova
cutterG. Smirnova

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