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 In a fantastic town terrible Dragon appeared, and every year he carried away the best girl. Once the Dragon carried away Kora, she was Zors bride. Zor got into the belly of the Dragon where he found the whole harmonious world and where Kora lived. Zor killed the young man, the owner of the monster, but he lost Kora.
directed byGalina Barinova
written byAnte Zaninovic
art directorGalina Petrova
animatorsVladimir Vyshegorodtsev, Galina Zolotovskaya, Kirill Polikarpov, Dmitry Novosselov, Marina Voskaniants, T. Pomerantseva, Elvira Maslova, Andrey Ignatenko, Natalia Bogomolova
cameramanMichael Druyan
soundYu. Moisseyev, Vladimir Kutuzov
script editorTatiana Paporova

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