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On the motives of Chekhov’s story. R. Plankette and I. Stravinsky’s music is used
directed byAlexander Viken
written byAlexander Viken
art directorHenry Umansky
artistsYe. Baskova, Vadim Turiaev, M. Koroleva, Sergei Ignatenko, I. Borodaeva, O. Yankovskaya, T. Kupsa, Ye. Korotkevich
animatorsN. Rudnik, Nina Churilova, M. Antipova, Vadim Turiaev, M. Koroleva, Alexander Bubnov, Alexander Viken
cameramanAnatoly Gavrilov
executive producerIvan Mazepa
soundI. Moizhes
script editorYevgeny Nazarenko
voice artistsS. Brussilovsky, O. Messecha, D. Babaev
cutterS. Vassilyeva

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