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10 min.
Under Boris Shergins story "For amusement". In the beginning of winter brothers - coast-dwellers, Stepan and Andrian, on their way home stop for the night’s lodging on a desert island. At night their boat is carried away in the sea. Having understood, that they will be lost from cold and famine, brothers cut out a sepulchral board and meet death with dignity.
directed byLeonid Nossyrev
written byYoury Koval
art directorVera Kudryavtseva
artistsS. Mashkova, Vera Kharitonova, Nadezhda Alferova, Ludmila Birukova, I. Kuzmina
animatorsElena Malashenkova, Anatoly Abarenov, Alexei Bukin
cameramanAlexander Chekhovsky
executive producerLubov Butyrina
musicYevgeny Botiarov
soundBoris Filchikov
script editorNatalia Abramova
voice artistZinaida Popova
text is read byYevgeny Leonov
cutterOlga Vassilenko

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