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1 h. 10 min., 1982
A combined film about the two sisters, Maria and Mirabella, on their mission to find the Forest Fairy and rescue Quacky the frog, frozen in a block of ice, Skipirich the firefly, who has lost his ability to light up and Omide, the butterfly, who can not actually fly. They travel through the magic forest and after many adventures their rescue mission turns out well.
directed byNatalia Bodul, Jon Popescu-Gopo
art directorsJon Popescu-Gopo, Vladimir Dudkin, Lev Milchin
animatorJon Popescu-Gopo
cameramenBoris Kotov, Oleko Popeku
musicYevgeny Doga
soundVladimir Kutuzov, Dan Ionesco
art directorJon Popescu-Gopo
voice artistsJon Popescu-Gopo, Gilda Manolescu, Ingrid Chelia, Medi Marinescu
vocalLeonid Serebrennikov
words (poems)Yevgeny Agranovich, Grigory Vieru, Valentin Berestov

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